Consulting Services

Icefield Instruments Inc. can provide a wide variety of consulting services related to glaciology and hydrology.

Our services include:

  • Flow monitoring (using stage recording and/or dye tracing)
  • Glacier mass balance
  • Glacier motion/strain analysis
  • Radar depth profiling
  • Terrain hazard analysis (e.g. surge potential, outburst floods, etc.)

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Examples of our past work:

Windy Craggy mountains

Windy Craggy
British Columbia

Monitoring glacier motion using a network of stakes. This work was part of a larger multi-year environmental assessment process for the Windy Craggy copper deposit.

Windy Craggy mountains


Installing subglacial pressure transducers in a search for the main subglacial drainage channel. Once located, this water was piped through a 60km-long tunnel network to a nearby hydroelectric power station.

Our Clients

  • Johnson Space Center (JSC)
  • Norsk Polarinstitutt (Norway)
  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • Space Science and Engineering Center, U. Wisconsin
  • More Clients

Our Warranty

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