About Us

Icefield Instruments was formed in 1990 in response to a demand for glaciological instrumentation and consulting services. Icefield Instruments Inc. is incorporated in the Yukon Territory, Canada.

Icefield Instruments Inc. has the experience and expertise to design, construct, and test a wide variety of instruments for use in extreme environments. We build both standard products (ice coring drill, ice-penetrating radar systems) and custom equipment. Through our work with ice coring technology, in particular AUTOCORE and ultra-clean drill technology, we have expertise in delivering clean samples with extremely low contamination levels. We have experience in sub-glacial water sampling, design for high-pressure environments, design for low-pressure environments (Mars), thermal/environmental extremes, and the use of exotic materials.

Our capabilities cover the complete spectrum of mechanical design, electronic design, software authoring, prototype fabrication, field testing, field services, and commercial production.

Erik ( ) is president and founder of Icefield Instruments Inc. He holds a Ph.D. (1992) in glaciology from the University of British Columbia and a B.A.Sc. (1986) in engineering physics (geophysics) from the University of Toronto. He is a member of the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia and the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of the Northwest Territories.

Our Clients
+ Johnson Space Center (JSC)
+ Norsk Polarinstitutt (Norway)
+ Geological Survey of Canada
+ Space Science and Engineering Center, U. Wisconsin
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Our Warranty
We stand behind our products with a one year parts and service warranty.
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