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The ECLIPSE Ice Coring Drill

ECLIPSE Ice Drill in use.

The ECLIPSE ice coring drill is a modified version of the Danish intermediate-depth tipping-tower drill designed at the University of Copenhagen. This drill is intended for drilling dry holes to depths of up to 350m.

Ice Penetrating Radar Systems

Ice Penetrating Radar system running on the ice

Icefield Instruments Inc. manufactures pulse radar transmitters based on the Narod transmitter (Narod, 1994). This transmitter is very small and portable, consumes little power, yet is capable of measuring ice thicknesses of 300m (temperate ice) to 800m (cold ice).

Contract Ice Core Drilling

Ice-drilling using ECLIPSE ice drill

Services and on-site training for intermediate depth drilling (0-350m) at any location.

Consulting Services

Portable ECM Unit

Icefield Instruments Inc. can provide a wide variety of consulting services related to glaciology and hydrology.

Portable ECM Unit

Portable ECM Unit

The handheld digital ECM unit operates from an internal battery and records conductivity data digitally in non-volatile memory. A USB-serial converter is supplied for use with computers lacking a serial port.

Borehole Inclinometers

GyroPath borehole inclinometer systems.

For borehole survey equipment, please contact our sister company Icefield Tools Corp.. The magnetically-oriented electronic borehole survey instruments manufactured by ITC are fully compatible with glaciological applications. ITC can both rent and sell tools.

Icefield Instruments working at the Logan Plateau near Mount Logan in Northern Canada.